Zoobles Jump Rope Review

This became a popular toy with both of our little ones.

It was quick and easy to set up the jump rope but we quickly came across our first dilemma! The little zooble comes with her eyes closed and in a ball (pictured). Now, for first time zooble users we tried everything to open her up, it was not clear in the instructions. I am surprised we didn’t break her through all the prodding and pulling (she is very durable), it was only by chance that we sat her  on the opposite side of the jump road and she popped up through a magnetic mechanism – problem solved and luckily before we damaged her! Image

The concept of the toy is very nice and unique idea, we have not come across a toy which you can make jump over a rope before! But there lies a problem in setting the jump rope at the correct angle to enable the zooble to actually jump over it! When you get it right, its fabulous, as you can sit for a while making her jump over; when it is not set right it’s impossible to get her to jump over and our daughter quickly became frustrated meaning that mummy or daddy needed to step in and help – even we found it a little challenging setting it right! Image

Due to this we’d only give it 5/10 which is a shame as, as we said the idea is a very good one, it just needs a little tweaking (perhaps if the jump rope was set in the exact position needed the marks would have been very high)! Our little ones do love the zooble and her little rabbit friend! A great idea but it lacked in the finished article.


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