World of Little People Disney Princess Castle Review

I think most adults and kids love Little People toys and we are no exception. I was thrilled to find the Disney Princess Castle was included in our first box of toys.

The castle itself was fairly simple to set up, took Dad about 15 mins although the kids were very eager to get started straight away so I would recommend getting it set up before as it does require a bit of screwing and clipping in to place. Oh and the stickers need to be put on. Once you’re set up though, you’re cooking on gas.

The castle itself is really sturdy (the boy has attempted to climb on it numerous times!) and it’s not yet suffered any ill effects from his bulk balancing precarious on it. You get a Snow White and Cinderella figures, 2 thrones, a bed and a table. Best of all, there are sound effects and they are varied compared to the usual sounds you get on these type of toys.

The dance floor rotates and holds 2 figures so they are dancing around each other which was a hit here, the kids like to see how fast they can dance back and forth before one (or both!) figures come flying off their perches…but still, they are quiet!

My favourite feature is if you place the figures in the middle of the dance floor (as shown in the picture) and press down then there are sound effects specific to the figures, which I think is a lovely touch. I’ve also managed to accidently get Jasmine to come on so I assume there is a Jasmine figure to buy. The door also plays a fanfare when it’s opened and the kettle on the stove whistles.

All in all, we really loved this castle. However, Scarlett is almost 5 and whilst she enjoys it, my son (17 months) has far far more use out of it than she does. The recommended age is 18months+ and I would say it would be ideal up to 3 or 4 due to the chunky parts.

The castle is currently available to buy from ToysRUs for £49.99 and is currently part of their multibuy deal so definitely go and get one. I am already planning on buying the additional figures for Christmas as we love it so much!

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