Web Shooting Spiderman Review

 Hasbro have brought out the Web Shooting Spiderman, It is suitable for children ages 4+. My boys both love superhero’s, what boys doesn’t?, they both also love action figures so I knew that they both would be battling over Web Shooting Spiderman. 
In the box you get the Web Shooting Spiderman figure & a cardboard cut out of a lizard that you can stand up to aim Spiderman’s webs at it to try & knock him over. Spiderman is very detailed, his arms & legs are able to turn 360° at the shoulder & hip but this is the only movement so your child will be limited to certain positions for him.
Both hands have the webs attached & pressing the 2 buttons on the back launches the webs out of his hands, the left button controls the left hand & the right button controls the right.
 Both webs can not be fired together because the string is connected so as the left hand shoots the web this will reel in the string from the right. This means that there will always be 1 web hanging out of one of his hands. The web does not come flying out so your target must be close, this is a good thing because if your children are anything like my boys they will try to shoot each other, so this is a great safety measure to ensure no eyes are damaged whilst rough playing.
It says that Spiderman makes web shooting sounds, however the only sound I can hear is the motor that feeds the string from the left to the right. Little T loved playing with Web Shooting Spiderman & he is a good size standing at 13 inches tall.
You will need to insert 4 x AAA batteries in order to power the motors that send out the webs at the target, your child will have fun going around seeing what else he can knock over using the webs(just hide any breakables).
I would recommend it to family & friends & I do think it is worth the £29.99 because my son thoroughly enjoyed playing with it & the fact that it shoots a web out of his hand makes him much more interesting than a stand alone figure.
Web Shooting Spiderman is available to buy from Toys R Us 
Review by mummy2five

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