Water Games for Kids

Liven up the summer holidays with water activities and pool games. Make the most of the fine weather while it lasts and encourage kids of all ages to play outdoors. We’ve put together some fun water games for kids to while away the sunny afternoons in the comfort of your garden.

Water games are also an excellent way for kids to stay cool on long, hot summer days. With last month being the hottest June on record this summer looks set to be a scorcher. The whole family can join in with a water balloon fight and little ones will love splashing through sprinklers. Make the most of the summer weather and try out some of our water games for a splash of cool on a hot day.

Lots of coloured water balloons

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Water Weapons

Sometimes the simplest games are the most fun. Enhance a children’s party with a water balloon fight. Bunch O Balloons is a great twist on classic water balloons, they are super easy to fill and the balloons even tie themselves, so play can last for hours as best friends team up for a water battle. Just stand back and watch the fun unfold. There are lots of fun ideas for water balloon games. You may want to make your own mini garden Olympics with balloon throwing competitions, target practise or a water balloon and spoon race.

Another perfect weapon for a water fight is a water pistol. We believe every garden should have its own aqua armoury and your kids will enjoy shooting jets of cooling water at their friends and siblings. Invest in a couple of super soakers to get the water wars underway. The Sizzlin Cool Water Blaster 2 Pack is a great option for kids aged 6 to 12 years and they’re great starter water guns for little mischief makers.

Small child smiling in sprinkler

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Swimming Pool Play

A larger garden or patio is a great place for a swimming pool. You and the family will enjoy splashing away the summer with swimming pool games for kids. Invest in a larger pool instead of a paddling pool and you’ll be playing heaps of pool games for years to come. The SZ 10ft Frame Pool, Filter and Pump is a great choice if you are looking to introduce a pool to your garden. Swimming pools are a lot of fun for big and little kids alike so investing in a garden pool is a treat for the whole family.

Take the water pistols into the pool and continue the battles with an abundant water supply. Babies and toddlers will enjoy playing with a Splash Sword, just fill it full of water and let the pirate play begin. Splash swords are made of light foam, making them safe toys for little swimmers that can be used in and out of the pool.

Add a competitive element to pool play with a game of water rounders or have a giggle with the Sizzlin’ Cool Fishing Game and see how many fish your team can hook. There are tons of exciting ideas when it comes to pool games for kids – check out our range of garden swimming pools for more wet play inspiration.

Boys playing with water guns

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Super Sliders and Sprinklers

When your little ones feel like running around in the heat, try out some water activities for kids in the garden. On a hot day babies and toddlers will enjoy jumping through sprinklers. The Sizzlin’ Cool Inflatable Shark Sprayer is a fun upright sprinkler with a quirky shark design – just attach the hose and let the water games begin! Sprinklers are a fun addition to an outdoor kids’ party and encourage social play with friends.

Little thrill-seekers will enjoy a water sliding race. Just line up two garden water slides (we recommend Sizzlin’ Cool 16ft Water Slip n Slide) and get the children to race to find the fastest slider. Water slides offer hours of fun and can easily be stored away on cooler days making them a wise investment for garden water games.

Baby playing with hose

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For more outdoor play ideas browse our sandpits and water toys and make the most of the gorgeous weather in your green space this summer.

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