Waggle Tagz Review

Waggle Tagz

This 3D Tag Studio allows creative kids to tag almost anything!

Product Overview:

Waggle Tagz is a fun craft kit with printed images to decorate and personalise books, bags, pencil cases, lunch boxes and much more with cool 3D tags.

  • Summary: Waggle Tagz
  • Format: Craft kit
  • Features: 3D motion effect
  • Seller: Toys R Us UK
  • Price: £16.99


  • Waggle Tagz workstation
  • Printed cards
  • Lenses (2 sizes)
  • Holders for small cards
  • Tagz Sticker sheet
  • Instructions


The girls were delighted with the huge choice of cards (in two sizes) with lots of pretty girlie pictures of things like dog, cats and bunnies. All the cards were so good that, thankfully, there was no squabbling over who got what!

They wanted to make tagz for their school lunch boxes. The boxes look identical, so they wanted to be able to differentiate between them. With personalised 3D Waggle Tagz they can do just that!

The girls personalised the cards with several of the stickers and their names.

Once the cards were personalised, the girls had to select a lens, making sure it was correctly positioned as per the easy-to-follow instructions,

Then it was time to use the Waggle Tagz workstation to bind the picture card to the lens. Only then can you see the 3D motion effect. The girls loved waggling their tagz to see the image move.

The final step was to select and attach the plastic coloured clips (the Tagz), to allow them to connect the cards to the zip of their lunch boxes.

Who This Product is Suitable For?

Waggle Tagz is perfect for creative girls aged six and over.

Overall Thoughts:

  • Sophie – “I really liked all the pictures on the cards. They were so cute! It was cool when the pictures moved about. All our friends liked the tagz.”
  • Rachel – “I liked the huge selection of cards and stickers to choose from. You can even make them into gift tags. It was good fun rolling them through the machine, but my favourite part was waggling the tag to make the picture move.”
  • MuMMy – The girls loved playing with this toy, and they played well together. The instructions were very easy to follow, and I believe that this toy will continue to keep them amused over the coming months. It is very good value.Additional parts can be purchased from the manufacturer, John Adams.

We all liked Waggle Tagz very much and awarded it a full five stars.

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