Uno Roboto Review

I was quite excited to get Uno Roboto in our second box. I am a lifelong Uno fan – I play it on my iPhone and have a set of Uno cards in the the campervan!    This new game, Uno Roboto, takes the card game to another level.

The concept of Uno Roboto is the interactive “Wild Card” that brings Uno to life.  In the box you get 1 Roboto figure and 112 Uno cards.  You start the game by recording each player’s name and creating a unique “House Rule”. As you start playing cards by putting them on the robot’s head, he’ll surprise you by calling out random rules and funny phrases. He’ll also call players names and tell them what to do.  Uno Roboto is very unpredictable and takes care of the rest of the game – you have no idea what he’s going to say.

Uno Roboto is aimed at aged 7 and up which means it’s perhaps a little old for my children but as it’s a fun family game it’s something you can play together whilst they grasp the concept. We played it as teams so we could guide them through it and I’m sure it won’t be too long until they’ve mastered it themselves. They were however, completely in love with the robot, in fact, they could have just pressed his buttons all day and been happy!

My one gripe with Uno Roboto would be that the commands aren’t very clear so when playing with children – who by nature are noisy – you can sometimes miss what the robot is saying. It’s not a big issue but a small niggle which can affect gameplay.
This is a fun interactive game for all the family that I’m sure we’ll enjoy playing with lots, dragging it out at Christmas and rainy days I’m sure. As it suits slightly older children I suspect Uno Roboto will be hanging around for a few years yet – and as it’s quite compact, may even find it’s way into our campervan!

Uno Roboto is priced at £24.99 (currently, as of 16th October 2012, it is on offer at £18.74) and available from Toys R Us.

Review by Mrs M from At Home With Mrs M

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