Transformers Prime Star Hammer and Wheeljack Review

Review by The Beesley Buzz.

This Transformers Prime set is described as ‘easy’, so was well suited for Daddy to understand how it works! It comes with two Transformers – Star Hammer, and Wheeljack.

Although Star Hammer doesn’t do much in the way of ‘transforming’, it is a sturdy troop carrier and has some neat features. It takes two AAA batteries (included – well done Hasbro) to make the Energon Booster light up when you press a button. It can also carry three figures, so is great if you already have a few at home. It also includes two missles that can be launched (imagine the fun the boys had with that once they discovered it!)

Wheeljack converts between a car and a robot with just a couple of moves – even I managed it without help from the boys – and has two sabres to carry as a robot. Whilst a robot, he can fit in different places on Star Hammer, making the set complete.

This set proved a hit with the boys as no complicated moves are needed to get it to ‘work’ and it is ready to play with straight away. With volunteer troops from other playsets, battles commenced between the forces of good and evil – with a break at dinner time – with delighted smiles and happy children all round.


Compared to other Transformer sets, this is very simple to convert – a couple of moves for Wheeljack, and pushing a lever for Star Hammer – so it might not appeal to older more experienced fans. But for me, the simplicity was a winner as it made it accessible without having to learn anything new. I would expect new Transformer fans to fall in love with this, and any with other small figures already will enjoy having the Star Hammer to join them.

Star Hammer and Wheeljack will be available soon from Toys R Us.

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