Transformers Prime Cyberverse Vehicle Energon Driller Review

Review by Damian Johnson, WhenToysRuleTheWorld
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There are two parts to this toy: the Transformer and the Giant Drill. One I like and the other I’m not really a fan of. The children agree, which is a surprise as we disagree about so many things.My boys both love the smaller Transformers. I was chatting to a man in Toys R Us once about it and he thought it was due to them being pocket-sized. Not true. They prefer them due to the time it takes to turn them from robot to car taking about 2 seconds.

The car looks exactly how a car should look. The robot, well, it’s not a fantastic-looking robot but it serves its purpose. It’s great that the little weapons can clip onto the car, lessening the odds of them being lost. All in all, it’s a nice little toy.

The drill, on the other hand, is not such a nice toy. There’s a lever on it which ‘transforms’ the drill to a sort of more weapon-heavy drill with missile launchers. The problem is that the cogs easily slip as you transform it, meaning that the launchers don’t sit quite right. While it’s easy for them to slip out of place, it’s more difficult to slip them back into place. It took some violent jabbing at the transformation lever on my part to correct.

As to the missile launchers, one of them doesn’t lock the missile in place properly so it simply shoots off when you load it. You have to press down on the catch to make it hold, which is very annoying. The other launcher works fine, however.

The drill has a light-up feature, which is simple and effective. This can either be a gun for the small robot to hold, or it can plug into the large drill which then lights that up. There is a silver-painted Decepticon logo on the button, however this has already begun to rub off, even with the limited about of button-pressing we’ve done.

As I said at the start, we like the little robot but the drill vehicle isn’t as sturdy as it should be. It’s not terrible, but it really struggles to get above average.

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