Transformers Prime Cyberverse Vehicle Energon Driller Review

“Be amazed by the transformation of the Transformers Prime Cyberverse Energon Driller Vehicle! Transform your Transformers Prime action figure into battle mode with just the push of a button”

What a promise for a Transformers fan…and a Transformers fan we have (who was VERY excited to discover this in the second ToysRUs Toybox)!

Suitable for children aged 5+, the Transformers Prime Cyberverse Vehicle Energon Driller is a game of 2 halves – the Giant Energon Driller and a Transformer itself.

The little car is just as you would expect – a car that transforms into a robust robot, ready for action and adventure. The little weapons that come in the box can clip onto the car and into the hands of the Robot… great to avoid the getting lost in the boys’ bedrooms! Due to its size, it is simple to transform (unlike some of the larger more complicated transformers) so makes a great introduction to the world of Transformers.

And adventure is waiting with the promise of the Energon Driller, which the transformed robot can mount and use to launch his attack! In fact, the Driller can hold 3 Transformers which you could buy seperately to add to the set…

The drill is transformed to a weaponised drill (with missile launchers!) at the flick of a lever… and the drill is activated into a spinning motion by pressing the purple decepticons button down. This only works, however, if the missile launchers are open (as we found after a whie of fiddling!). The drill can also be activated by pushing the vehicle along! Once loaded, the missiles are easy to launch and add an extra exciting element to the play!

The Energon boost is in the form of a simple light up feature, which can either be used as a weapon for the transformed robot to hold, or can be plugged into the drill to make it light up!

The boys LOVED it – they really enjoyed playing with the little Transformers figure and were even more enthusiastic to combine the Transformer with the Driller! They found it great that he could sit on it to control in… and LOVED the light element!

We found it well made, easy to use and durable and would definitely recommend it! It makes a great introduction to the world of Transformers…and I think a good addition to any Transformer lover’s collection!

The Transformers Prime Cyberverse Vehicle Energon Driller got an 8/10 from the boys and a BIG thumbs up! 

The Transformers Prime Cyberverse Vehicle Energon Driller is available both instore at ToysRUs and online here! 

Reviewed by What me and the boys say… 

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