Transformers Botshots Battle Game Review

Review by The Beesley Buzz.


What can I say about BotShots… they’re AMAZING!

The pack comes with two launchers (each cunningly disguised as a trailer but they transform into powerful BotShots launchers), and four figures. Each figure, of course, is a vehicle that transforms into a robot. At first, I thought I knew the game – fire the vehicles into each other from the launchers to make them turn into robots, all good fun but no real objective. How wrong I was!

Those clever people at Hasbro have included a simple game into the BotShots game. On the front of each robot is a dial from which you must choose between a picture of ‘blaster’, ‘fist’, or ‘sword’. Just like the old game of rock-paper-scissors, each weapon has its strengths – blaster beats fist; fist beats sword; sword beats blaster. If both players choose the same weapon, there is a power score shown for each so you can see who wins.

So, choose your weapon, convert the robot into a vehicle (simply push it together – so simple even Mummy managed to do it, something she is very proud of!) and load it into the launcher. Then FIRE! The BotShots crash into each other, ping open into robots and you work out who has won.

Such a simple game, but so cleverly done. I was really surprised by the BotShots idea, and we all really enjoyed it. Other BotShots are available to add to the pack, too.

If I have one word of warning, it’s that the vehicles change to robots very easily – great for when playing the game, but a little frustrating as they did tend to ping open too early at times.

All in all, this is an amazing addition to the Transformers family of toys.

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