Transformers Beast Hunters Optimus Prime

trans 1We recently received an Optimus Prime from part of the Transformers Prime Beast Hunters collection.
The figure is 35cm / 14in tall when in standing mode, 20cm / 8in tall when in vehicle mode. He has a circular rotating firing station on his back that holds five projectiles and a large weapon for each of his hands.
As a hybrid you can transform from standing to vehicle mode, and vice versa. Whilst in each mode he is still capable of firing his weapons – you just have to use different methods.
My son, who is 6, has never had a Transformer before but is well aware of them and new instantly who it was.
trans 2
Since receiving it my son has been constantly playing with it. I was tempted to write up my review within the first week but previous history of toys with moveable parts have taught me that time really does tell a toys durability.
So, after 3 weeks of playing, transforming and twisting and shaping the toy this is what we have found:
trans4 trans3
Transformation: In the packaging contains a two sided page with instructions on how Optimus Prime transforms. It took my husband 5-10 minutes to work out how to do this and another 10 minutes to turn it back. He then showed our son who was daunted at the amount of twists and turns it took. After a few days of trying it out himself ( like a Rubiks cube) he is now able to transform in a couple of minutes, he does find it easier to transform from vehicle to standing mode as it does not need to be clicked into place as much.  The only problem he still has is clicking the firing circle into place while in standing mode.( It does require precision lining up).
Action: With five projectiles to fire and two large weapons on moveable arms Optimus Prime does not lack in action. The projectiles do go quite far too and we have had to search for them on several occasions! The face and 2 windows in his armour also lights up (which is also the windscreen in vehicle mode) when you press to fire the weapons.
Durability: We have not been disappointed in this action figure. Yes we have had the odd accident when my son was practising the transformation, but the most was a mud flap that was easily clicked back on. What we have found that if the figure is not positioned right while in standing mode there is a tendency for it to be top heavy and fall over when not held.
Overall: My son is very happy with Optimus Prime and we have a feeling this may be a start of a collection. Once he was able to transform the figure himself, and was aware how far the weapons fire, he would look for the figure to play outside and with his friends.

This review was written by Mhairi who blogs at Little Hands Big Impressions you can follow her on Twitter as @LittleHandsBI


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