Toys For 1 Year Olds

Babies are a joy at any age, but 12 months old is a particularly special time for any parent. At this age, your child is beginning to become more independent, exploring the world around them at a rapid pace. Your little one will also be communicating with you more. Even if they can’t speak yet, you’ll notice them mimicking your actions and responding to things you do. If your child sees you holding their jacket, they may put out their arms, ready to go outside for a walk.

Here at Toys R Us, we know how exciting it is to see these changes in your child, and we have a great selection of toys and games which will help encourage further developments, both educational and emotional. Whether you’re looking for gifts for 1 year olds or buying toys for your own child, we’ve picked out our favourites for you and explained what benefits they offer.

Ride-on toysRide-on Wheelybug

Ride-on toys are a fantastic choice for your 1 year old, as they help to encourage their physical development. In the beginning, you may have to help your child climb on and off the toy, but they’ll eventually get the hang of it themselves. For their first few outings on their ride-on, you may also want to stay close by – it’s a good idea to stand a few steps in front of your child, cooing them to push forward. Your child will develop a strong sense of independence as they master the actions needed to power their ride-on toy, and this will transfer to other areas of their play and social interactions. Some of our favourite ride-on toys for 1 year olds include:

Wheelybugs come in a choice of adorable animals. As well as this beautiful ladybird, we have a mouse, bee, pig, tiger and cow to choose from – perfect if your child has a favourite animal! These cute toys will help promote you child’s self-confidence as they learn to push and pull them around. They’re suitable for use both indoors and out, and can be quickly wiped clean, making life as easy as possible for you.

Suitable for use from 6 months old, this 2 in 1 ride-on toys would make a great gift for any 1 year old. It can be used either as a walker or a ride-on toy, so it’ll grow with your child. It also comes with a detachable steering wheel, and with lots of different buttons and sounds for guaranteed hours of fun.

Musical toysLaugh & Learn Musical Chair

Musical toys are great for encouraging independent, creative play in your child, as they discover the joy of playing tunes and making music. This will also help to build their cognitive skills, as they learn the cause-and-effect of pressing different buttons and hitting keys. And what’s more, playing along with your child or encouraging them with singing and clapping will boost self-confidence and willingness to engage in imaginative play.

We have a wide range of musical toys for 1 year olds at Toys R Us, and have picked out some of our favourites just for you:

This all-in-one interactive musical activity station will keep your little one entertained for hours. With lots of bright colours to keep your child visually stimulated, they’ll also be delighted by the music they can make with the built-in guitar, piano with light-up buttons or removable drum. The music station also includes an animal-themed music book and will teach your child the numbers from 1 to 5.

Baby will love this brightly coloured chair, which is packed with educational and musical learning fun. With two play options, your little one can either sit town for story time, or stand up to play with the exciting activities, including a book, pop up crayons and a play lamp which teaches colours and shapes. With 13 tunes and sounds, this chair is perfect for introducing your child to musical play.

Available exclusively at Toys R Us, this adorable Fisher Price set will delight any child whilst developing their fine motor skills. The cute pink ride-on pony comes with fun musical tunes and sounds to introduce your little one to music at an early age, whilst colourful, textured surfaces will stimulate baby’s visual and tactile skills. The set also comes with a cuddly doll, which is machine washable to make life easier for you!

Books for babiesCrayola My First Colouring & Sticker Book

Baby books will get your little one interested in reading from a young age, and many also contain different textures and fun sounds for a multi-sensory experience. We have a great range of board books available at Toys R Us, which are the perfect size for small hands to grasp, with plenty of brightly coloured illustrations to stimulate baby. Here are a couple of our favourites:

Suitable for children aged 1 year and over, this fun book is a great introduction to colouring books, and is perfectly designed for small hands. Each of the 24 pages has sections which are pre-coloured as well as un-coloured sections for your child to colour in themselves or add one of 30 cute stickers.

This splash-resistant book means bath time can now also be reading time! It features three soft pages that can be easily wiped clean, including buttons that trigger sing-along songs, and sounds to help your baby learn numbers. This books will encourage your baby’s cognitive development, as well as their love of bath time!

Gifts for 1 year olds50 Piece Foam Building Blocks

Here at Toys R Us, we also have a great range of classic toys which never go out of style and would make a great gift for a 1 year old. Building blocks have been loved by both babies and parents for generations, as they encourage baby’s creativity and develop their motor skills. Nesting toys or stacking cups are another long-time favourite for little kids, who love discovering how they all fit together, and similarly, shape sorting toys are a classic which will help develop baby’s problem solving skills. Here we’ve selected some of our favourites for you and your little one:

From Bruin, these brightly coloured building blocks will keep baby entertained for hours on end. They’ll love building towers and knocking them down again, and with 100 pieces, there’s plenty of potential for construction fun.

This set of stacking cups from our Babies R Us store offers lots of fun ways for baby to play, including stacking, pouring, scooping and more. Ideal for playing at any time of day, they’re especially good for bath time fun, with holes to help water train up. What’s more, they’re really easy to store – just stack them up and snap the mushroom-style pink lid over the top.

Your little one will develop plenty of new skills with this colourful set from Bruin. It includes a fun toy piano, featuring cute animal characters, as well as a classic shape sorter to encourage learning through play. This great toy will help baby develop their problem solving skills, and the interesting shapes will stimulate their senses.

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