Toyologist Review: Transformers4 Flip N Change – Grimlock



Transformers 4 Flip N Change comes in two different figures – Grimlock and Optimus Prime.  We have received Grimlock for review.  Grimlock robot will transform himself into a dinosaur in a flash by flipping it tails and back again to a robot.

Grimlock is a very well made and durable figurine.  The metallic colours look awesome and come with very detailed markings on its body.  It is a very fierce looking Grimlock with split dinosaur heads on his shoulders.

My 7 year old son managed to figure it out how to transform Grimlock just by looking at the pictures shown on the box.  It does take him at least 4 flips to transform into a dinosaur while it may only take two flips for an adult to do it.  Once transformed into a dinosaur, his upper limbs are moveable but not the rest of the body.  The lower limbs are always fixed and it is not possible to bend them.


To transform the dinosaur back into a robot, split open the tails and flip it outwards to change into a robot.  It only requires a couple of flip and it changes into a robot.

My son loves Grimlock as the figurine look very impressive and a few simple flips transforms it into a dinosaur in no time.  It is an awesome toy for any Transformers fan!

Written by Eileen, mum of ET Speaks at Home.

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