Toyologist Review: The Nerf Modulus ECS-10 Reviewed by Michael and Ryan

This review has been brought to you by Michael and Ryan, who live in the Highlands of Scotland. According to Michael, Ryan has wanted to become a toy tester since the age of 5, and avidly follows reviewers on YouTube! This review is part of the Toyologist programme, where a team of hand-selected reviewers test toys with their children for both entertaining and useful insight by parents, for parents. 


In all its glory we have received the NERF N-STRIKE MODULUS ECS-10 BLASTER for review.
Our first impressions was “TOTALLY AWESOME!!”. The box was enormous!
We couldn’t wait to burst this beast out. It was a proper chunky piece of equipment.
In the box you get the gun, detachable magazine, detachable shoulder handle, detatchable scope, detatchable nozzle attachment, detachable handgrip and 10 darts. (You will need to buy 4x AA batteries).
Nerf Modulus
It has a good clip size and holds all 10 darts and easy to load and re-load, haven’t had any issues with it.
We bought 10 extra green zombie darts for obliterating the zombies at night!
Ryan loves the way you can take apart and re-assemble the blaster, he actually has just as much fun detaching and re-attaching the upgrades. It is a pity all the upgrades don’t come in the box as well, but you get a good variety to start you off.
Occasionally bullets do get jammed but I think it’s when he gets a bit too carried away. It shoots as rapid as you can pull the trigger. It doesn’t do full auto fire. Fires accurately and the customization aspect of it is great fun!
This beast really does shoot the darts far – I was surprised, we had a blast in the garden.
Overall an awesome sturdy piece of equipment and hours of fun to be had with this badboy.
Strongly recommend if you’re looking for a Nerf blaster.

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