Toyologist Review: Monster High Freaky Fusion Lagoonafire Reviewed By Vicky

In this stylish Monster High doll, our young Toyologist Emma found a great new addition to her team of dolls – and a great new buddy. This review is part of the Toyologist programme, where a team of hand-selected reviewers test toys with their children for both entertaining and useful insight by parents, for parents. 

Monster high - Vicky - 01

Emma received this doll as part of the Toys R Us’ Toyologist programme.

The packaging for this doll was quite large. The box and doll are brightly coloured and it got an instant “WOW” when Emma saw it.

Emma couldn’t wait to open the box and play with the Monster High doll. That part was a little bit fiddly as there were a few ties/bands to cut (took about 5 minutes). Emma was so happy once she got to play with it.

Monster high - Vicky - 02

Inside the box there is a Monster High Freaky Fusion doll, stand, hair brush, jellyfish handbag and a diary that is full of lots of information about the doll e.g. favourite things.

Monster high - Vicky - 03

The Monster High Freaky Fusion is a mixture of dolls from the monster high range. The one Emma recieved is called LagoonaFire, which is a mix of Lagoona Blue and Jinafire Long. LagoonaFire has shiny blue scales like a fish all over her body and a tail like a dragon. Her hands are webbed (Emma instantly said she must live in water) and has fins on her arms and legs. The fins on her arms don’t come off, the fins on her legs and tail are removable.

The clothes, shoes, corset and headpiece are all removable. Her hair is very brightly coloured lime green and yellow. The jellyfish handbag has a hollow centre so it can hold small items. This doll is very pose-able.

Monster high - Vicky - 04

Emma decided to introduce LagoonaFire to her other dolls in their mansion. Emma likes how the Monster High doll is different to her other ones. She has already said how she would like another one to go with this one.

Monster high - Vicky - 05

This Monster High Freaky Fusions doll is about the same size as Emma’s other dolls. LagoonaFire fits in the dolls house and furniture.

Monster high - Vicky - 06

Emma loves brushing LagoonaFires hair. She can only brush the back bit as the front bit of hair that is curled up under the headpiece is stiff/set. The only complaint Emma had was that the tail got in the way when she wanted LagoonaFire to sit down to have her hair done, this is not much of a problem as she discovered the tail does come off.

Monster high - Vicky - 07

Overall review – You get a lot of things in the box to play with. Emma has played with the doll for a couple of weeks now and still loves playing with it. She will brush its hair and play with it daily for around 30 minutes to 1 hour. It has survived with her playing with it and her brothers trying to grab and play with it. So it seems to be well made/durable. I would recommend this Monster High doll to anyone who loves dolls.

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