Toyologist review: Monster High Freaky Fusion Deluxe Bonita Femur Doll Reviewed By Stacey and Josie

Stacey and her daughter Josie discover Bonita Femur, a part-skeleton and part-moth hybrid belle from the Monster High roster. This review is part of the Toyologist programme, where a team of hand-selected reviewers test toys with their children for both entertaining and useful insight by parents, for parents. 

As part of the Toys R Us Toyologist Programme, we received a Monster High Freaky Fusion Deluxe Bonita Femur Doll.

monster high 1

This is our first Monster High Doll, Bonita is a hybrid doll being part skeleton and part moth. The Monster High Doll came complete with hairbrush for taming her long white, pink and black locks, diary to read and removable elaborate moth wings which helps the doll stand unaided.

monster high 2

On first look the packaging is very striking and goes well with the theme of Monster High, without being too scary. We have had other dolls to play with in the past but the details on this doll makes it worth the money.

monster high 5

Josie was very excited when clapped eyes on the figure. Being in Year 2 at school, her friends have took similar dolls into Show and Tell so she knew who they were straight away. Since playing with this Monster High Doll, the Christmas List has now got extended to more Monster High goodies.

monster high 3

Josie has played most days since with Bonita, brushing her hair and attaching her wings. The diary included wrote by Bonita was too hard for Josie to read (just turned 6) but Josie still liked looking at this. But the overall favourite is to groom Bonita. The hair is excellent quality too, and the striking colours make the doll stand out. The details on the doll are extremely intricate, this makes these dolls stand out from the usual dolls available.

monster high 4

Next Josie has her eyes on, Avea Trotter Monster High Hybrid Doll!


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