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LeapFrog LeapBand

I have to say that whilst my children 3, 5 and 7 thought that the LeapFrog Leapband would be fantastic, I was apprehensive. It is extremely intuitive to a 5 year old. My son took it out of the box and immediately started choosing a pet and naming it. I on the other hand didn’t understand it at all and opted for reading the instruction leaflet.




The Leapband is worn on the child’s wrist. Middle Man has just turned 5 and it fitted but was a little tight.

IMG_2735Whilst the idea of the Leapband is to track your child’s movement throughout the day, I would be surprised by any child wearing it for such a long length of time. My 5 year old puts it on for around 15 minutes of so when he wants to play with it.

The child chooses a pet and can play a number of small computer games. All these games are ones that promote a healthy lifestyle. The child then earns Joules that are represented by jewel images that allow them to progress to higher levels. They are able to care for their pets by washing, feeding and playing with them.

I particularly liked the challenges that are set as they get your child jumping/crawling/running about. This is fun to watch and I am much happier watching my boy play computer games of it is getting him moving too.

The battery life of our Leapband doesn’t seem that great. You are provided with a cable to charge the Leapband and it is worth keeping in a safe place as other similar cables won’t fit.

You are able to register the tracker by creating a parent account and can use this to control the settings of the band.

Overall I like the product and think that it is a reasonable price for a small computer device . I can’t see it being worn continually by a child, but more a case of playing with it every now and then. It has resulted in lots of fun and getting my boy moving around more than he normally does.

You can see the Leapband in action by viewing my video here. 

Review by Louise, mum of A Strong Coffee. 

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