Toyologist Review: Endless Curls Barbie

My daughter is just coming up to the age where she is taking an interest in Barbie therefore she was thrilled when she received the Endless Curls Barbie to review.  Included in the set is 1 Barbie with hairbrush, 2 no heat curling irons and a set of no heat curling rollers plus other small hair accessories.

Endless Curls Barbie 1

At first glance the doll has got lovely long soft hair and really takes to being played with and curled, however after a few weeks of play it has become more and more mattered and harder to brush through, this hasn’t put Gracie off though, she loves sitting and brushing her hair, she does find some of the hair tools difficult to use but enjoys trying and she is getting better with practice.

As a mummy I do think it would have been a good idea to include a little bag or something similar to store all the hair tools together as these tend to take turns in going missing however this doesn’t affect the product itself.

Endless Curls Barbie 2

Overall, it’s a very pretty doll; however I don’t feel it will stand its test in time. The accessories should definitely have a bag or container of some form to ensure that losing these items are kept minimal.  Gracie really enjoys playing with this Barbie and I would definitely consider buying her more from the Barbie range in the future.

Written by Katie, mum of My Homemade Happiness.

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