Toyologist Review: Batman Unlimited Figures Reviewed By Simon

Blogger and stay-at-home dad Simon and his daughter are nothing short of toy experts, sharing interests in LEGO, Star Wars, and Superheroes. This dynamic duo of Toyologists gave us their thoughts on the Batman Unlimited 3-Figure pack, featuring Batman himself, his trusty sidekick Robin, and the nefarious Joker. This review is part of the Toyologist programme, where a team of hand-selected reviewers test toys with their children for both entertaining and useful insight by parents, for parents. 

This week my daughter declared that two of her favourite superheroes are Batman and Robin, so it was serendipitous that we were sent this Batman Unlimited set for review. It features both of them, as well as The Joker (who she also really likes).


Batman Unlimited is a line of toys from Mattel, featuring Batman characters with funky updated outfits and gadgets. The first thing I noticed were the key differences to the classic looks of the three characters. Batman and Robin look broadly similar to what we’re used to, but their outfits are more like hi-tech armour than a costume. Robin also has a hood, which makes him appear more mysterious – just like Batman.

But appropriately, the weirdest one was the Joker. His look has been completely revamped from the purple suit wearing clown to become a muscled up thug with a crew cut and a sash of bullets draped over him. While he is clearly the Joker – with his green hair, white face, red lips, and magical yellow toothed grin – it took my daughter a while to feel confident in identifying it was him.

These are pretty sturdy looking figures, with Batman & Robin’s fabric & vinyl  capes being the only potential weak link. Anatomically, it’s fair to say these are somewhat stylised. For instance, they have lower legs that are 2-3 times longer than their thighs.


While they offer 8 points of articulation (POA), additional movement in the legs would’ve been welcome – there’s no knee joint for instance, which really limits how these figures can be posed by a child. They can’t even sit properly. My daughter sometimes likes her figures to have a rest, enjoys a tea party, or go to the loo!


Actually, The Joker isn’t the weirdest toy in this set. It also includes what appears to be a Robot Batdog. It has no limb or head movement. It does have a removable tail, which the characters can also hold as some kind of sword/club/furry duster. Robo-batdog (as we call it) isn’t even named on the packaging. It feels like this part of the set is a toy they had left over from another line. My daughter even asked “What is that dog doing there?”. Not knowing how to answer, a visit to BatmanUnlimited.com (as the packaging suggests) indicates it may be one of The Penguin’s robotic Cyber Animals. Who knows. Anyway, while it feels out of place in this set, and is little more than an immovable toy dog, it does look kind of cool.


Overall, my daughter loves that these figures are of Batman, Robin, and The Joker, and they are funky and colourfully designed. But I feel the lack of movement in the legs in particular will be a big drawback for her long term, as she is unable to pose them in a way that she does other figures of this size (about 15 cm high). And the inclusion of robo-batdog is a mystery worthy of investigation by the Batman.

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