Toyologist Review: Barbie Malibu House

We were very excited to be sent to The Barbie Malibu House to review. My children love imaginative play with their vintage dolls house so I knew this sounded like a great toy.


The first thing I noticed was the size of the box – absolutely huge! I managed to build the house in about 40 minutes including adding the stickers. The instructions weren’t brilliant and that is one thing that I think could be improved.

When built The Barbie Malibu House is huge but it folds when it’s not being played with which is a great feature. My 2 and 4 years old have been having lots of fun with this toy. It has 6 rooms and a large staircase so there is plenty of opportunity for imaginative play, and also lots of room so both of them are able to play at the same time.

The House doesn’t come with a Barbie but it does include lots of furniture from tables to chairs and kitchen equipment. The bed doubles as a cupboard and shower which is interesting. Another great feature which my children love is the fact that you can hang your iPhone in a picture frame in the lounge. The only downside to that is that my children just sit and watch YouTube, so I was happy when I upgraded my phone and they could no longer do this!


Overall this is a great toy. It was easy to assemble, except for the stairs which still don’t really fit. The stickers were also difficult to apply (due to the lack of clear instructions) and are already peeling in places but this is a small point.

My children are quite young (nearly 3 and 4) but this toy is played with every day and I can imagine they will be playing with it for years. Some of the parts are quite small so I might put them away (for example the kitchen equipment) but they love playing with their dolls and the Barbie Malibu Beach House. They are particularly obsessed with the toilet and I love hearing them play together for hours at a time. Despite being very pink this appeals to my boy and girl equally and would make a great gift for any Barbie fan.

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