Touchmagic Rockin Guitar Review

The Leapfrog Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar was definitely the “dark horse” of our first Toyologist box.
I liked the idea of it, but wasn’t expecting it to be very good. I WAS WRONG!

For starters, it was really easy to get out of the packaging. Just three pull off tabs stood between me  *ahem* Sam and the Guitar.
It requires 3 AAA batteries, which are included, so the fun started within seconds of removing the packaging.

The Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar plays 10 different songs – my favourite was definitely Rockin’ Robin.
I sang that song to my baby bump for months, so it was amazing seeing 10 week old Sydney smile when it began playing.
The other 9 songs are a mixture of educational songs, and actual songs.

You use the big green music note button to skip between the tracks, the strings are “strummed” to hear the guitar play over the song, the orange button mutes the Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar, the red button switches you to acoustic guitar (WOW – I am shocked I knew what to call that – I guess even Mummies learn from this)! The long, purple button adds riffs – any Guitar loving daddy will love that feature! The large, blue button at the bottom adds percussion (Drums) to your child’s performance, and the Purple button near the top adds a snapping string sound. The Yellow button adds applause to your performance.

The entire thing is touch sensitive, and it is amazingly responsive! I was shocked at just how sensitive it was! As you play, the guitar suggests things to try, and tricks to entertain your fans. (Like strumming extra fast to speed up the song).

Sam Rockin’ Out

Sam is 15 Months old, and was nowhere near ready for this toy, but he did like to press the buttons, and laughed as me and DaddyGeek took it in turns to “rock out” around the house. The batteries have lasted ages, and the strap which is included makes for a more realistic performance.

With an RRP of just £19.99, this toy is worth every penny. If you or your child like music, this toy will provide hours of fun. I have got visions of Granddads and Fathers all over the UK Rockin’ out with this on Christmas Day.

I think the age recommendation of 3+ was spot on, too.

The Leap Frog Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar is now availavle at Toys R Us.

Review By MotherGeek.

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