Touchmagic Rockin Guitar Review

Reviewers: Mummy, Daddy, Rabbysnuggles and Joshua (18 months)

Dear Geoffrey

Thank you verry much for my Guitar.  I know two of the songs on it, as Daddy sings them to me all the time.  Mummy says Daddy knows how to kill a good song, but I don’t know what she means.  The two songs are Incy Wincy Spyder and If your happy and you no it.  I love clapping when these songs come on, and my new move is spinning round and round and round.  When I spin round and round I feel funny sometimes and fall over.

Joshua and Guitar

Joshua and Guitar

Did you know Rabbysnuggles is quite musical like Grandad?  I didn’t like having the Guitar on me, but Rabbysnuggles liked it and played Rockin Robbin.

Lots of Love

Joshua xxxxxx

Hello all

Of all the toys we reviewed recently, we thought Touchmagic Rockin Guitar would be of the most interest to Joshua as he is probably happiest when he is dancing to his favourite songs!

The Guitar is light and easy to carry and fairly compact, it is made of plastic and has a material strap.  We wonder if the strap is one of the reasons it isn’t marketed at younger children, in case there is a safety risk of them having it round the neck.  Joshua didn’t like it round his neck anyway so that was ok!

The Touchmagic bit is essentially that the surface of the Guitar is pretty much flat, with the exception of a small star that is slightly proud and flashes when you strum the guitar.   There are a good variety of features (8 or so) which can be activated by pressing on the coloured ‘buttons’, but they are flat to the touch.  Probably the best feature is that if you strum faster, the music speeds up!

Rockin Guitar

Rockin Guitar

There are several songs that can be cycled with, and we think Rockin’ Robin is a great choice.

We think small children (Joshua is 18 months) would benefit from raised buttons over ‘Touch magic’, as you can feel something depress.  Ironically Joshua most likes trying to press the flashing star, which doesn’t actually depress as it is just a light.  Joshua can’t really work the Guitar without our assistance yet, or at least isn’t making use of most of the features.

The Guitar is for 3+ age group, and I think children of that age will love it, so our score is based on that assumption.  We wouldn’t recommend it for a child Joshua’s age, be we would recommend it for a 3 year old


Pros: Lots of features

Cons: Would prefer buttons to Touchmagic

Describe yourself: First time parent, Working parent, Toyologist

Recommend to a friend: Yes

Recommended age range:  3+

Batteries: Included

Un-prompted interest from Joshua: Minimal


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