Tomy Jungle Magic Sounds Aquadoodle 2 Review

The packaging on this product is bright and colourful, so that had my 20 month old daughter interested straight away.  Upon opening the box I was relieved that although the product was well packaged/protected it was not all wrapped up in the non-destructive, impossible to get into plastic that so many toys are or tied down with a ridiculous number of tie wraps.  This meant I could give the mat to my daughter straight away.

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It very simple to use, fill the pen with water and pop it in the holder and the doodling of master pieces can begin.  The holder makes noises which is great for getting a giggle out my little one while keeping her interested.  The downside is batteries are not included, but with so many toys now a days this is quite normal and not particularly a big deal.  The pen can still be used to draw without batteries if desired.


It took my daughter but minutes to realise where she was meant to draw and where to get the fun sounds from.  It was very reassuring to know I wasn’t going to get pen all over my floor.

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My daughter also realised that anything wet made a picture, so she took great joy in wetting her hands and making hand prints.


Some of the downsides to this product for us is my daughter likes to try and suck the water from the sponge tip of the pen.  This isn’t harmful but meant I had to keep filling up the pen and telling her no.

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The other downside I found for us using this product was my daughter didn’t understand that she could only draw on it using the ‘special magic’ pen and therefore proceeded to draw on it with her own colouring pens.  This however was easy sorted by just wiping and washing down the mat (thank goodness for washable markers!)


The last downside I found with this product was if my daughter created a drawing she was really proud of, I could keep it and hang it on the fridge, but the nature of the product is minimal and no mess.  I rectified the problem by taking a photo on my phone of her special artwork.

baby 4

Overall I think this is a great product and a nice alternative to messy pens and paper everywhere. It has its downsides but nothing major.  I have already told my friends they should consider buying one for their little artists.

Thanks to Kerry for this review. 

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