Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine Review

I’m so excited! The first product we have been sent to review is the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine.


First impressions are good, it looks like a fancy coffee machine for babies! Studying the box scares me a little, as second-time parents we figure we’ve got the bottle-making down to a fine art, how can this possibly help? A quick cleaning cycle and I’m ready to go. There’s an inbuilt filtration system so I fill the tank knowing little man will have lovely, clean water. You turn the dial to the number of ounces your baby drinks – we’re on 7. Put a sterilised bottle under the nozzle and it dispenses a hot ‘shot’ of water to kill bacteria. Remove the bottle, add your formula scoops, shake and replace under the nozzle where the remaining water is added. Voila, bottle is ready for baby, no cooling required. No more boiling the kettle half an hour before a feed, no more panicky cooling down sessions in a saucepan. Just keep the tank full and bottles sterilised, it really is that simple. An ideal investment purchase for new parents, stress-free bottle making, if only Tommee Tippee could invent formula pods to complete the process…

This review was written by Hannah who blogs at Hannah Oakes .

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