Tigger with Sounds Review

Reviewers: Mummy, Daddy, Grandma, Grandad, Rabbysnuggles and Joshua (18 months)

Dear Geoffrey

Tigger has come to stay at our House!  It is a bit strange because Tigger also lives at my nursery.  He often comes to play with me and my friends.

We play in Pooh Corner at Nursery, but I have been visiting 100 Acre Wood as I am leaving Pooh Corner soon.  It is ok though because Mummy says I can go back and visit anytime.  100 Acre Wood has more toys than Pooh Corner,  so I think I will be very busy and won’t visit that often.

Tigger with friends

Tigger with friends

After Rabbysnuggles, Geoffrey, Doodle the Dog and me played with Tigger, Rabbysnuggles got tired, and he had to go and lay down with a carrot.

Daddy says you sent Tigger to live with us.  Thank you very much Geoffrey.

Lots of Love

Joshua xxxxxxx

Hello all

Winnie the pooh characters are instantly recognisable and very lovable and Tigger Soft Toy with Sounds definitely fits this category.

The toy is generally soft and cuddly, despite the slightly hard back, which contains the battery pouch and speaker.   We have had seen a fair few reviews of this type of toy and I think it is difficult to get an interactive ‘soft toy’ without some hard bits’.  This is soft enough to get cuddled in our view!

Joshua immediately recognised Tigger from nursery who have an older version that bounces up and down on the spot on his tail.

Contrary to the description I don’t think it is a squeeze that ‘Triggers’ Tigger, I think it is just movement.  Give Tigger a gentle shake and it sets of ‘Wonderful thing about Tiggers’ tune (no words) intermingled with a Boing, a Tigger yahoo and then a purr/growl at the end.  Then you pretty much get a ‘Boing’ for every up and down movement, The faster you move him up and down the more Boings you get!

The noise activation is actually quite sensitive so by barely touching him you can get a blast of the ‘Wonderful thing about Tiggers’, but much to Mummy’s relief there IS an OFF switch.

Tigger in his box

Tigger in his box

After we un-wrapped him Joshua kept passing him between Grandma and Grandad and they made him Boing a lot to his delight. We made a game of teaching Joshua to Boing to, which made us laugh as his ‘jumps’ are him squatting with bended knees and smiling!!.

Although we had lots of fun with Tigger when he first appeared, it didn’t hold Joshua’s attention for long as he hadn’t attempted to climb the stairs for at least 10 minutes by that point! Joshua is well within the age group recommended and knows Tigger, but at 18 months there is so much exploring to do he isn’t really doing much imaginative play just yet.

Although we wouldn’t ‘recommend’ this to a friend, we wouldn’t put them off buying it either.  It is cheaper than Roaring Raa Raa and a bit more cuddly, and we think every child would hopefully recognise Tigger.

If we were to change anything about Winnie The Pooh Tigger Soft Toy with Sounds, it would be the name of the Product.  We have re-named him Boing Boing Tigger!!



Cons: Limited play value for an 18 month old

Describe yourself: First time parent, Working parent, Toyologist

Recommend to a friend: No

Recommended age range:  12 months+

Batteries:  Included

Un-prompted interest from Joshua: Minimal


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