Tickle Time Elmo Review

Sesame Street was and is a very popular children’s show around the world.  It is certainly a programme that we would have no objections to Elwood watching, although I must admit I’m not sure if any of the main UK channels currently broadcast it over here.  That said, we have shown Elwood some Sesame Street thanks to the magic of DVD and YouTube!

Toys R Us very kindly asked us to review a Sesame Street toy: Tickle Time Elmo.  We were only too happy to oblige.

Tickle Time Elmo is aimed at kids aged 18 months plus and I think this is about right.  Elwood was a little wary of him the first few times we introduced him.  However, once he realised this little red monster wasn’t a threat he has enjoyed the tickle-fest!  Elmo’s soft arms, legs and head make him quite cuddle-worthy.  When he starts to vibrate Elwood finds his fur tickly, making the tickle antics a two-way street!

The toy seems to be very well made.  Elwood has dropped him and dragged him around quite a lot and he seems to show no signs of having sustained any damage!  Elmo takes two AA sized batteries.

I seem to remember a predecessor of this toy, Tickle Me Elmo, causing a commotion in the nineties.  If memory serves, there were near-enough riots in American malls from parents desperate to get their hands on the toy.  From what I can see, Tickle Time Elmo is not a dissimilar toy.  I wonder how sales will go this Christmas in comparison.

This toy is full of giggles!  We certainly found it an amusing diversion. Let laughter commence!

Tickle Time Elmo is available from Toys R Us

 Review by James Spence

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