Thundercats Glow in the dark Puzzle Review

The ThunderCats 100 piece glow in the dark jigsaw puzzle is one that reminds me of my childhood Saturdays when my “Then” little brother would drag himself out of bed, duvet still wrapped around him, just to watch Thundercats. I have this memory of him munching Cocopops in front of the TV. So, excuse me if I refer to this puzzle as a Retro toy from the 80’s.


Sadly my eldest child really struggles to maintain his concentration levels and what with his difficulties with Fine motor skills the puzzle wasn’t too appealing to him (despite the pieces being quite chunky). With this I decided to give it to a friend who’s son would really benefit from it, therefore getting the most enjoyment from it.

The product description states that it is a puzzle recommended for children from the age 6 and above. It also states that the puzzle has been designed using the most detailed and visually attractive CGI animation within its artwork, so that young children will be kept entertained.

Once the puzzle is complete and the lights are turned out the image of the characters then glow in the dark.

So, yesterday evening I called my friend for an update and here’s the feedback I received…

“James enjoyed working on the puzzle and as an 8 year old he had little difficulty constructing it. The pieces are durable and well made and unlike some other puzzles there was no peeling corners. The design really is bold and vivid and James enjoyed watching the overall image unfold as he pieced it together. The pieces snap together easily meaning James was able to complete the puzzle unaided in around 50 minutes. He has since taken it apart and rebuilt it, so no boredom as yet.”


When asked how the picture Glowed I was told

“The picture does glow, though not as vivid as expected. The longer its left in darkness the better it glows. If you have a UV touch this can help to really supercharge the glow”

When asked if she would recommend to a friend she told me she would and also that she would be happy to buy James other puzzles by the creators.

James awarded the puzzle with 4 out of 5 stars and Mum awarded it the same.

The 100 piece Glow in the Dark Puzzle is available from Toys R Us for £10.99

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