Thomas Daring Drop Trackmaster Review

 I have to admit I quite looked forward to opening the box of the Thomas & Friends TrackMaster- Thomas Daring Drop Playset because both of my boys are big Thomas fans. A friend of mine had just bought it for her son & she said she found setting it up a nightmare so when I set up ours I timed myself. From start to finish it took 25 minutes to set up which is not so bad when you are alone in a room putting it together but I can imagine on Christmas morning with your child stood over you supervising it could take a little longer.
The bit I have circled in red is where the 3rd part P goes
The instructions are not the best, I followed it for the majority but I did have to use the box image to see which way the towers went & also to figure out where the 3rd piece of part P should go, if you look at the instructions I have marked where this piece should go.
Some of the tower parts can not be taken apart once put together so bear this in mind if you are wanting to set it up & put it away in the box. The track pieces of Thomas Daring Drop all fit together really well & it does what it says it should. You will need quite a large floor space & there is over 4ft of track. Thomas will need 1 AA battery in order to work, he will go around the lower track until you flip the switch on the track where he will then tackle the higher Blue Mountain Quarry track, passing Merrick the Crane & down the collapsing bridge. 
My boys both love the Thomas Daring Drop track & it can be bought for just £39.99 from Toys R Us which I think is a fair price for it. Thomas fans will love it & I imagine any child who loves train would love to own this set.
You can watch our video below to see Thomas going around the Daring Drop Blue mountain Quarry track.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkwz9NNua3M]

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