Thomas Around Sodor Review


Recently we were lucky enough to be chosen to join the Babyologist scheme with ToysRUs, as part of this we were given the opportunity to review a Thomas Around Sodor Playset. This was a fantastic opportunity for us, as my son Jack is a big Thomas fan, especially recently.

When we first received the product, as soon as Jack saw the box he was so excited his little face lit up. We instantly melted and placed it together straight away, well we did need to see how it worked right? It was a very simple track to place together with a figure of 8 track layout, we simply followed the image on the box. There are 5 different coloured pieces, which are easy to see which go where. There is then a Cranky and sheds to place in the correct places on the track. Also included within the set is the Thomas train, cargo car and 2 barrels. I think in total it took a maximum of 5 minutes to place the whole set together.


The pieces included within the set at large enough for toddlers as the set is suitable from 18mths, however is still small enough to not take up half of the room. Most of our playtime was done on the floor, however we did find it was easily able to fit on a coffee table for some higher surface playing.

The overall set includes amazing attention to detail, the Thomas train itself features moving eyes and mouth when Thomas is talking, making him come to life. Upon the Thomas train there are 3 buttons, a stop/go button which sends Thomas continually around the track and 2 others which send Thomas to either Brendham docks or Tidmouth sheds. When either of these buttons are pressed, Thomas will automatically stop at the destination which was chosen and interact with Cranky or the other trains. All the way around the train Thomas interacts with the user, as well as the other items.

The train is powered by 3 AAA batteries  which up to yet do not seem to be running out, no matter how much Jack has played with it.

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