The Best Board Games for Christmas

With the days getting colder and the nights getting longer, there’s no better time to cosy up indoors and enjoy spending time together as a family. Why not turn off the TV and get competitive with a board game? There’s something for everyone at Toys R Us, whether you like tense mystery games, brain teasers, word games or games that require physical activity.

Board games make ideal Christmas presents, so we’ve put together a list of our favourite family board games and board games for kids to give you some inspiration. And what’s more, Toys R Us are offering some great savings on Hasbro board games all through November – just in time for the festive season!

Board Games for Kids

These board games are ideal for younger children, who will have hours of fun whilst developing their dexterity, critical thinking skills and improving their general knowledge. Our pick of the best board games for kids are all ideal for playing with friends, siblings or even mum and dad.

Operation GameOperation
A classic Hasbro board game, your child will love playing doctor. Take turns to cure Cavity Sam of his ailments by removing them with tweezers – his funny afflictions include frostbite, gamer’s thumb and headphone headache – but they better be careful! If they touch the sides of the openings, the buzzer will go off and Sam’s nose will light up!

Cranium Junior
Cranium Junior is designed especially for kids, but it’s great fun for the whole family. Your kids will love the variety of activities included in this game, meaning everyone has the chance to shine – from sculpting to solving puzzles with the secret decoder, it’s a riot of fun and games!

Articulate for Kids
Articulate for Kids offers all the same fast paced fun as Articulate, but is designed especially for 6-12 year olds. The aim of the game is to describe as many of the entries on your selected card as possible to your team mates in 30 seconds, making it a great team building game for parties.

Twister Game
Twister is the perfect party game – but it’s so much fun, your kids will want to play it all the time! Players get all tangled up, as the spinner calls the shots. And now, there are two new moves for even more twisted fun! The Spinner’s Choice command allows players to create their own moves, and Air goes beyond the coloured spots, for more challenges.

Trivial Pursuit for Kids
Another classic board game, redesigned especially for kids, your little ones will love testing their general knowledge in this easy to play game. Great fun and educational, the whole family can enjoy this game, which comes with multiple choice questions so that everyone has a chance of winning.

Hungry Hippos
Hungry Hippos is a fast-paced game of furious fun. Click your hippo’s tail as fast as possible – the hippo who munches the most marbles wins the game! The whole family can get competitive with Hungry Hippos, as you race against each other in a feeding frenzy – and your little one will be having so much fun, they won’t realise they’re improving their hand-eye co-ordination at the same time.scrabble

Elefun Mouse Trap
Mouse Trap has been a favourite board game for kids for over 50 years, and this new version featuring Elefun and Friends will delight your family. They will enjoy hours of fun navigating the tricks and challenges of the board in order to trap their opponent’s mouse. It’s easy to set up and quick to play, meaning they can enjoy the fast-paced action over and over again.

Family Board Games

Family board games make perfect presents, and will be enjoyed time and time again. A great way for families to spend some quality time together, our selection includes quick thinking word games, games of strategy and skill, as well as some classic choices.

Have family fun and get some brain training with Scrabble, the world’s most popular word game. The aim of the game is to get the highest score by using letter tiles to build interlocking words across the board. Your kids will expand their vocabulary and develop their strategic thinking, as they plot out how to take advantage of the board’s premium squares for extra points.

Scrabble Turbo Slam
Enjoy Scrabble with a twist in this electronic game. How fast can you make words? Slap down the cards to change the words on the table, and slam fast when you hear the turbo sound. If you’re first to slam, it’s your turn to grab an action card. The whole family will love this fast moving word creation game, which will keep both kids and adults on their toes – you never know where the action is going to end up!

Monopoly is one of the best family board games out there, and can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. Each player travels around the board, with the aim of buying property from Old Kent Road to Mayfair. Build up your houses and hotels as you go and make money from your opponents when they land on your properties – but try not to end up in jail! This firm favourite will keep your family entertained for hours, and would make an ideal gift.gameoflife

Game of Life
Choose your own path along the Game of Life, with this family favourite. There are decisions to be made at every turn – from deciding whether to go to college, to starting a family – with plenty of twists along the way, thanks to the exciting Action cards. Whoever has the most money when it comes to retirement wins the game. You can also pick up the Game of Life Fame edition if you fancy the glamorous lifestyle of a supermodel, singer or movie star.

Pointless Board Game
Fans of the TV show will love the Pointless board game, which puts your obscure knowledge to the test. It turns the traditional general knowledge format on its head, with the aim of the game being to score the least number of points by guessing the least popular answer. Play individually or work together in teams (how about kids versus adults? Or boys versus girls?) to win the Pointless trophy.

Risk Board Game
Risk is the ultimate strategy game. Exciting and unpredictable, the whole family will get a thrill out of this game of global domination. There are three modes of play: learning mode, where you discover the rules of the game and risks to be taken; the classic game; or the two-player version for intense gaming fun.

One murderer. One weapon. One location. Six suspects. Cluedo is the ultimate murder mystery game. Perfect for getting the whole family together, Cluedo will develop your sleuthing skills and strategic thinking as you puzzle it out to find out whodunit. And for fans of Holmes and Watson, we have Sherlock Cluedo – if you’re lucky, maybe some of their detective skills will rub off on you!

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