Tag Learning System Review

Review by The Beesley Buzz.

Mum said this wasn’t at all what she expected when I opened the box and took out the special reading pen called the Leap Frog Tag reader. She had expected it to be some sort of games console because the box was so big. But as far as pens go, this is a pretty cool one.

It just needed mum to put in a couple of batteries and then it was mine…all mine…except well my brother wanted to share it too because he thought it looked pretty neat.

The book gives us a taste of lots of the other books that are also available to buy separately to use with the special Tag reading pen. But it still had bits to read, songs to listen to and games to play using the pen.

Me and my brother love this so much because we can get mum to buy the other books that we are into and then when our little sister gets a bit bigger, she can get some books for her too and then we can all use the Tag pen even though we are all different ages and all like different types of books.

Even though we think it is great, mum has already been nagging us about not losing the pen otherwise the book will be useless without it and not to run out the batteries too quickly by playing with it all the time.

love Daniel, age 6 x


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