Starting School

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My name is Sonia and I blog at This Mummy Loves… I am a Mum of three, a children’s photographer and live in Nottingham. My oldest son will be 18 next month, my daughter Boo is almost 8 and my youngest ‘Bugs’ just turned 4 in August. So I’m no stranger to my children starting school; this time around though it felt a lot harder… for me anyway!

Bugs has been attending the school nursery since he just turned three, he always loved going, he’s a very happy sociable boy who seems to make friends really easily. It’s me who found it really hard this time around. With the older two they were October babies so were both really ready to start school when they did at almost 5 years old but knowing Bugs is my last child and he had only just turned 4 when he started school it has been really hard for me to let go of my baby.

Despite my feelings I have never shown this to Bugs, I have done as much as I can to make him feel happy and excited about starting school. All summer we have been practising getting in and out of his PE kit, getting his shoes and coat on and off and making sure he was using the toilet properly and hygienically and washing his hands afterwards. We also concentrated on getting him to feed himself and use his knife and fork in the correct way. All these things helped me with letting him go, so that I knew he would be able to take care of himself and not struggle if there wasn’t anyone around to help him.

When Bugs got accepted to our first school choice we were overjoyed as he had been attending the nursery there for a year or so, and Bugs was even more overjoyed when he learnt that his teacher at nursery was also moving into reception with him. This made the transition from nursery to school very easy for him as he loves his teacher, a lot of his friends from nursery also moved up with him into the same class as well as a few children from surrounding nurseries.

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Bugs was really excited on the first day of school and couldn’t wait to see his friends again, he rushed straight in and sat on the carpet and was chatting away with his friends like they’d never been away. This made it so much easier for me and on his first day of school I didn’t shed a tear, I’d done most of my crying during the build up but his first day made me see that he was happy and ready for school.

When I picked him up on his first day his face lit up, he ran and gave me a massive hug. I didn’t bombard him with questions as I knew he would tell me everything in his own time. Sure enough by the time tea was on the table I had found out his new best friends name, what he had for lunch, that he hated assembly because it was boring and he had to sit there FOREVER;)

He’s in his third week now and apart from still not liking assembly he loves every minute, he does get tired but he is just taking it all in his stride. He still loves to have a massive hug when he comes out of the door and for that I am so grateful because I do really miss my baby.

Thank you to Sonia for sharing her story with Toys R Us UK. 

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