Star Wars Ultimate Anakin to Darth Vader Figure Review

My boys were over the moon when I read out an email to them welcoming me to the Toys R Us Toyologist programme and asking me to review the Star Wars Ultimate Anakin to Darth Vader Figure. Star Wars is their absolute favourite. They role play scenes from Star Wars, they draw Star Wars pictures, they watch the DVDs over and over. ToysRus couldn’t have selected a more appropriate toy.


Son1′s drawing of this toy


Son2′s drawing of this toy surrounded by Star Wars Angry Birds

So everyday for a week and a half they would ask me: is it here yet? And once it arrived, they couldn’t get it out the packet quickly enough, a challenge in itself for them as toys are always packaged with umpteen fiddly bits securing the toy into the perfect display position. But they persevered as I was busy cooking at the time.


They straightaway got the hang of it in Anakin mode. I could hear it talking and see the blue light saber flashing, so I was pleased to note that it had come with a battery already installed. However they initially found it tricky to add some of the pieces to convert to Darth Vader mode and they got a bit frustrated when they thought they had converted it, but the voice and light saber colour hadn’t changed. Son1 soon worked out that the helmet hadn’t fully clicked into position. Once that was resolved, I could hear Darth Vader breathing and the light saber was flashing red. In comparison, they found it a breeze to convert back to Anakin.


They then had fun incorporating into their play with their existing Star Wars figures, although they continued to find it a little difficult each time they converted to Darth Vader mode. This toy is a really good size, much bigger than any of my boys’ other Star Wars figures and the voices are very realistic.


Son1 shares his views in this video.

This review was written by Claire who blogs at Yet another blogging mummy!!! you can follow her on Twitter as @x2mum. 



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