Star Wars Fighter Pods Review

Review by The Beesley Buzz.

From a galaxy far, far away come the Star Wars Fighter Pods, packaged conveniently into a multipack and available from your local Toys R Us store or online. Each pack contains several characters, fighter pods, a space craft and an AT-AT vehicle along with a description of the three ways to play with the pods (spin, drop from the space craft, or roll to knock down the characters). But it doesn’t take long for a young Jedi master to engage his imagination and play with the set in all sorts of new ways.

The soft rubber figures are to play with (or collect, display and admire) and the pods are to fire in a sort-of inter-galactic minature bowling (or can be used to store the figures). My two boys love it, and keep coming back to it.

It might have been better if there was a storage box or tin in the pack, but then young boys (ours certainly) are not renowned for clearing up anyway and an empty cardboard box is now elaborately decorated in Star Wars deco and does just as well.

Be warned – this is an addictive escape for any trainee Jedi and you may lose them for hours whilst they play… if you ask me, that’s £21.99 well spent! This is a must for any Star Wars fan, but great even for those who just love to spend time playing either by themselves or with a brother/sister. My sons give this a thumbs up!

Dad at TheBeesleyBuzz

From mum: “Mums beware! The characters are really tiny, so take extra care when vacuuming round the house.”

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