Star Wars Fighter Pods Review

When the boys saw the Star Wars box – they were sold already! They LOVE Star Wars and have watched most of the films – with the support of Daddy of course!

The Low Down:

Product: Star Wars Fighter Pods Multipack, by Hasbro.

Price: £21.99

Recommended age: 4+

Pack contains: 6 pods (3 clear and 3 black), 16 mini figures (4 of which are exclusive) including Yoda, R2-D2 and Darth Vader, AT-AT vehicle and Snow Speeder vehicle

Availability: Instore at Toys R Us and online at toysrus.co.uk

The Star Wars Fighter Pods Multipack appealed a little more to Jorge, and being 7 I could see that he would probably get more out of the pack. The boys did play nicely together though (with a little persuasion!)

Well packaged, each part was fairly easy to remove but a pair of scissors was handy to snip the clear bands! Each mini figure is about 1.5-2cm in height and made out of a rubberish material making them a little bit squidgy and quite robust! At least they wouldn’t hurt your foot if you stood on one! Each character can fit inside a pod – they simply snap open, you pop the figure in, then close it up again! The pods can fit inside the vehichles – two in the AT-AT and one in the Snow Speeder.

There were no instructions in the box – just the information on the reverse which told you  that there are 3 ways to play (VERY briefly with a picture which tried to illustrate it!). You can Spin, Launch or Roll – the trouble is, I am not quite sure why? And neither were the boys!

They loved the figures and loved standing them up, exploring them and putting them in the pods… but the BIG question remained: ‘What do you do with them Mummy?‘. And my answer had to be: ‘I don’t actually know!‘. We looked more than once to check we weren’t missing something – surely some more instruction had to be somewhere?!?

Is it a game to try and knock your opponents down like skittles? Do you act out a battle? Do you get points for rolling your pod into the ‘baddies’ or ‘goodies’ and see who wins? I HAVE NO IDEA!!! 

And for us, this seemed like a missed opportunity. The set is lovely, well made and certainly of interest to the boys – we just feel that if there was a game-plan, or even more of a point to the fighter pods it would have made it so much better! And for £21.99, it is almost a shame that there just isn’t an instruction leaflet in there – even if just to give a number of game ideas to show how you could use them!

Our verdict: Well made and definitely hot on topic, and great for the imagination… but lacks instruction and a game plan which would give a point to them!

The score: When all is said, the boys did like them (though they haven’t been played with much since the initial testing!!!). They gave them a 7/10 with one thumbs up, and a ‘neutral’ thumbs too!

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