Star Wars Fighter Pods Review

I’m Laura from Yummy Mummy Flabby Tummy and this is our seventh review from our second Toyologist box. Today we’re reviewing these Star Wars Fighter Pods Multipack. These are available to buy from the Toys R Us website where price details can also be checked.

What are Star Wars Fighter Pods? These are mini character figures from the Star Wars films which you place inside a sphere-shaped pod and use them to battle. There are 3 ways to play with the fighter pods: you can launch them, spin them or roll them. We received the multipack of Star Wars Fighter Pods which is an ideal starter pack to build up your collection. The Star Wars Fighter Pods are suitable for ages 4 and over and don’t require any batteries to work.

What do you get in the box? In the multipack you get 16 mini character figures, including some exclusive characters such as a Darth Vader holding a light sabre or a Master Yoda. You also get a mini AT-AT and a Snowspeeder. There are 6 Fighter pods; 3 white and 3 black. The Pods can fit inside the AT-AT and the Snowspeeder so you can launch them in a launch attack. There is also a mini booklet with the full series 1 collectibles. This way you can tick of which figures you have and keep track of which characters you need to complete your collection.

How do you play? Wee Z is a huge Star Wars fan, much to his Daddy’s delight. He has lots of Star Wars toys that he plays with already, so he added the mini figures to his collection and played that way. Miss C enjoyed playing with the Fighter Pods, opening the pods up (which is very easy to do) and putting mini Stormtroppers inside them. They both had a shot at launching them from the Snowspeeder and argued over whether the black pods should go in the AT-AT or not. However, they were most happy playing with the mini figures individually with the Fighter Pods being left to the side.
I’d say the best way to play with the Fighter Pods would be as a battle with friends who had Fighter Pods too. This way they could battle to trade characters for ones they didn’t have.

Are there any drawbacks to the Star Wars Fighter Pods? There aren’t any rules on how to play which may not be a drawback as such, but if you have children who maybe aren’t sure how to start play then rules or ideas on how to start play would be good to have. The back of the box just tells you that you can launch, roll or spin the pods.

Would I recommend this to a friend? To a true Star Wars fan, yes I would. This is a great set, especially if you like toys where you can build up a large collection. The characters are really well made and look like the characters in the films. There are lots of mini packs you can add-on which make them ideal stocking fillers or birthday presents.

We give this an 8/10

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