Star Wars Fighter Pods Review

 Star Wars Fighter pods series 1 from the makers Hasbro are something I never thought little T would be interested in. My husband is a fan & has fond memories of playing with his Star Wars figures as a child but to me the the thought of having to sit through Star Wars makes me want to turn off the TV. BUT since little T has never seen anything Star Wars I was surprised at how much he has played & enjoyed the Star Wars Fighter Pods. 

 In the set we got 3 x black fighter pods, 3 x clear fighter pods, Snowspeeder which can launch 1 fighter pod & AT-At which can launch 2 fighter pods. 

The characters we got in our set are; Boba Fett, Jek Porkins, Han-Solo, Sandtrooper, Bossk, Darth Vader(without mask), Yoda, Jabba the Hutt, Imperial Guard, Snow Trooper, Emperor Palatine, R2-D2, Darth Vader, Snowtrooper, Tie Pilot & Kit Fisto. The 2 Snowtroopers are different, none of the 16 characters are the same.

The Star Wars fighter pods offers 3 different ways to play, you can roll the fighter pods, spin the fighter pods or Launch them from the Snowspeeder or AT-AT aiming them at the characters that are stood on the ground. You can put a character inside the fighter pods & they will pop out hopefully knocking more characters down. The aim is to knock them all down and that is all. I caught little T adding his own sound effects when he played with them. He spent well over 1 hour just sat playing with them so I know that he is having fun playing.

The Star Wars fighter Pods which are suitable for ages 4+ can be bought from Toys R Us for £21.99 which I think is good value for the amount you get, you can also buy the single characters with a fighter pod for just £1.99 which is perfect for children to spend their pocket money on & they can slowly collect them all.

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