Spinmaster Nano Vert Review

When the Spinmaster Nano Vert first came out of our Toys R Us box the first thing that struck me was how small the little cars,that are designed to fly around the plastic track, were and I immediately had a slight feeling of dread that this was going to be a fiddly toy to construct – I wasnt entirely wrong.

The instructions are clear once you get into the swing of things but as fast as you a clicking one piece into place another is falling off elsewhere, leading to plenty of parental frustration. I normally put most of the boys toys together myself but I have to confess I was somewhat relieved when the phone rang and I could pass it over to Steve to finish off. On my return we had one completed build and one flustered Steve. and even he admitted to it being a pain.

When together the toy looks quite impressive but the flimsy nature means that it wobbles and breaks apart constantly – I have lost track of the number of times that I have had to fix it when it really hasn’t done anything other than sit there doing nothing.

The little cars are VERY little and quite frankly make me somewhat nervous when the manufacturers talk about them “flying” as they crash into each other – I don’t think I really fancy the concept of a tiny toy car flying off into my children’s faces as they play. I certainly can’t have Sam with in any kind of grabbing distance as to be honest they could be swallowed – Elliott also tends to put things in his mouth still and I have been very strict on knowing where these cars are at all times – I know this toy isn’t intended for toddlers but really if you have a child under 4 in the house AVOID this toy.

The toy takes 2 HUGE D batteries – luckily we had some, or so I thought – aside from making an all mighty racket it seemed to be intermittent as to whether you could get the toy to even switch on and once on their didn’t seem to be enough propulsion behind the thrust to get the little cars anywhere.

So a trip to the shops to buy yet more batteries it was and in the mean time Elliott played with the Nano quite a lot because he was determined to get the cars to go all the way around the track and to a certain degree Elliott loves a challenge – especially those challenges that I tell him are impossible. He certainly got frustrated with the track falling apart every thirty seconds and coul.dnt fix it himself as it was far too fiddly

If I am totally honest about this toy I have to say that I think it is one of those that seems like a good idea, looks very impressive in the box but is somewhat of an anticlimax – my husband described it as a poor mans Scalextric. It offers very little play value, basically once your child has pulled the car back released  it into the motorised launcher (this takes some practice) the cars are off onto the track that is their involvement finished

I can see children getting very excited over this toy and the novelty wearing off extremely quickly. I don’t think that it offers value for money and I really wouldn’t recommend it.

We did try new batteries in the Nano but the results were the same, lots of noise and not enough propulsion to actually get the car anywhere near going round the track. I can’t help looking at this toy and wonder what on earth we are going to do with it now that our review is written because it really is hopeless and although Elliott does seem to want to play with it I have to be honest and say I wouldn’t even bother to give it away I would send it off to be recycled so that the plastic parts could be made into something much more useful

I don’t often write negative reviews but I honestly wouldn’t want to part with £10 for the Spinmaster Nano Vert let alone the RRP and I think this toy can only lead to disappointment and even possible injury and I will not be in any rush to let Elliott get it out and play with it again.

Mummy, Not Big Milk Thing was sent the Spinmaster Nano Vert for review as Toys R Us Green Group Toyologists 2012

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