Spin Master Redakai Championship Set Review

Toys number 5 out of our Toyologist box is Redakai Conquer the Kairu, it is the Championship set by the makers Spin Master.

In the box
1 x Exclusive x-Drive
1 Rare Gold pack X-Drive
42 Additional X-Drives
1 Card Sceen
1 Battlefield
1 Draw deck
1 set of instructions
When I first opened the box & read the instructions it left me baffled, I honestly could not work out how to play the game which frustrated me, so I left my husband to figure out how the game worked. After he managed to get his head round it he taught me the rules.Tristan aged 4 & I age old set up a game for a battle.
We could only play the Basic setup game because in order to play the advanced game setup you will need 2 sets, each player needs 3 x character cards & at least 40 monster & attack cards for the advanced game.
Basic game setup
Each player selects a character card, then the each player also puts 10-40 attack & Monster cards depending on how many cards you have into a deck ensuring that the cards are shuffled. To determined which player will go first flip a coin or in my house we have the youngest goes 1st rule. The 1st player takes the top card off their own deck, if it is a monster card then can go on top of their own character card this will increase your defense zones & sometimes heal damage zones cause by the attack cards(monster cards are never discarded). If the card is an attack card then this is placed on your opponents card, if it is a red attack card then only the red defense zone is in play so if the attack power is larger than your combined red defenses then the attack hits & this stays on top of you opponents card/s causing Damage to their damage zone when applicable. If the Attack power is lower than the combined amounts then this card is placed in your own discard pile. To win the game you have to fill your opponents Damage zone so all 3 zones are red or if your opponent is unable to draw a card when it is their turn then they lose the game.
The game is suitable for ages 5+, I think this game is too complicated for a 5 year old to understands straight away, however if a child of 5 will have the help of an adult then they will find this game fun. Tristan who is 4 enjoyed beating me every game we played, especially as he kept getting the rare gold card that destroys the other players cards, to win against this attack you really need the best defense possible. He really is not a gracious winner, he celebrated each win by dancing around saying “mummy is a loser” & he wonders why I won’t let him win when we play games. The cards are really hard wearing plastic cards that feature a 3D hologram effect. The game doesn’t last that long & not every game is the same so it keeps a child’s interest. They can build up their decks by buying card packs. I imagine this will be a big hit for the boys especially this Christmas. Although this game was quite difficult to learn once you have played 1 or 2 games it is easy to play.
It is available to buy from Toys R Us for £24.99.
Review by Mummy2five

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