Spin Mania Review

Review by The Beesley Buzz.

This game was totally not what I expected it to be but in a really good way! I had expected some sort of board game with an element of something spinning in it – but no board and thankfully no boredom either – This game was great fun!

Designed for children aged 6 and over, this game really was a fun one to play as a family. Although the packaging suggests 2 or more players, the instruction sheet highlights that it can actually even be played solo. It takes a little bit of practice to get the hang of it – but you can get really rather hooked on playing this as it is so much fun.

Make sure you have a couple of size C batteries to hand to get started (thank you Duracell for providing ours!).

You then start the spinning machine (it only works when on a flat surface). Set up the three stands around the room (the idea is although not ‘hidden’, another player can put them out to make it a bit harder to focus on finding them whilst carrying your spinning disk). Pop on the first spinning disk onto the spinning machine. Once it is spinning fast enough, start the timer, and use the tool to lift the disk off whilst it is still spinning. Carry it over to your first stand and place it on there (whilst it is still spinning).

Don’t be dissapointed if you don’t manage it at first. It took us all a few practice goes to get the hang of it before we started to time ourselves. There are four tiny coloured pegs (mind you don’t lose them!) to mark your time for completing the challenge of getting all 3 disks onto all 3 stands whilst they are still spinning.

Much to my surprise, this proved to be a highly enjoyable game and I can even see us playing this with friends and getting it out on Christmas day to play with all the family.

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