Spin Mania Review

Reviewed by Damian Johnson, WhenToysRuleTheWorld.
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Ah, Drumond Park. Home of the simple yet fun games. I was slightly disappointed with the last one I played, however I’m very happy to report that Spin Mania is a return to form.

One player takes the three stands and places them around the room. The other player tries to get spinning disks on the stands as quickly as possible. The time is recorded and the players switch over. Easy peasy lemon squeasy.

It’s not long before children start getting clever with the placement of the stands and House Rules come into play to ensure it’s physically possibly to get disks onto them (no hiding them in another room, down jumpers, in the fridge…). You also have to watch that small children aren’t knocking your disks off behind your back when you’re going to get the next one.

The box has an age recommendation of 6+ however after a couple of practice goes my 4 year old was more than capable of playing. It’s possible to play with any number of people (although there are only 4 markers for the timer) so a perfect family game for over Christmas. It does require moving/bending (depending on where the stands have been put) so might not be best for any elderly relatives.

But really the only downside to his game is the size of the box. It’s no exaggeration to say the box could be a third of the size, if not a quarter. It’s completely ridiculous being the size it is and makes storing it really, really annoying. Either I end up storing a load of air, or I have to hunt round and find something smaller to put it in.

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