Snazaroo Face Painting Sticks Review

In complete truth, here at Mama Owl we’re not really into face painting. Mostly, because a few of my children have super sensitive skin and/or eczema, and so I really do have to be extra careful about what I put on them.

We received a pack of Snazaroo Face Painting Sticks to try out in our second box from Toys R Us, which are recommended for ages 6+. The pack consists of six coloured sticks, and includes instructions on the reverse of the pack. Limited in who I could try them out on, Harrison was the one who I deemed least likely to have any sort of reaction (just in case) and so Harrison it was.

While the Snazaroo Face Painting Sticks are hypo allergenic and fragrance free, as with any cosmetic product it is recommended to try a ‘patch test’ if you are unsure about sensitivity, details on how to do this are included on the back.

I did ask Harrison if I could get creative or perhaps try something Halloween themed but unfortunately he was not feeling particularly adventurous that day, and instead he chose the tiger from the front of the pack. An artist I most certainly am not, but I gave it a good go and he was pleased with the result.

The Snazaroos were easy to use and applied to the skin well, I didn’t have to apply much pressure to the stick while I was painting Harrison’s face, and the colours were bright.

Most importantly, they didn’t cause any reaction or discomfort, and when it was time to remove the paint it washed off easily with soap and water.

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