Snazaroo Face Painting Review

So this is our first review as a ToysRUs Toyologist. When I received the list of contents from Geoffrey the night before the delivery I was hysterical reserved about the Snazaroo Face Painting Kit.

Having bought face paints in the past, which have usually required application with a trowel to even get a slight coverage, I was not expecting great things from this kit. My daughter Scarlett and my little sister Emily were beyond excited to hear the magic words –  ‘face paints’ muttered quietly, when I read them the list of contents. They were most excited about these over everything else.

Luckily (or maybe not so) there was no school the day our package arrived so much squeeling ensued and ‘WHERE ARE THE FACE PAINTS?’ was hollered at the delivery man. Unruly girls!

So, my first impressions of the kit were mixed, it contained the following:

  • Brush
  • Sponge
  • Black paint
  • White paint
  • Yellow paint
  • Fuchsia pink paint
  • Metallic silver paint
  • Sparkle blue paint
  • Sparkle lilac paint
  • Step by step face painting guide

I was worried about the limited colours and what creations I could make with my not-so-great artistic skills but I started off with Scarlett, who requested an angel. I was so pleased at how well the paints went on her face and how little you had to use to get a decent level of cover and colour.

The step by step guide was very useful for somebody, like me, who has trouble drawing a matchstick man properly and I cleverly produced an angel. My sister Emily then had a butterfly and again, I was impressed at how easy it was to create pretty designs from the palette provided.

This is the outcome of my efforts (n.b. the lack of artistic skill is in no way a reflection of the designs provided – just my inability to draw!)

Emily does look unimpressed but that is nothing to do with her facepaint. Promise.

When it came to bathtime, the paints came off easily and did not irritate Scarlett’s skin, which has a tendency to flare up if we use any strong products. So the Snazaroo Face Painting Kit gets a big thumbs up from us and we already have plans to buy further kits to widen our colours and I will (hopefully) improve in my art-y skills soon.

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