Snazaroo Face Painting Kit Review

Review by The Beesley Buzz.

We are big fans of Snazaroo facepaints already in the Beesley household as I have a pack of the Rainbow face painting kit already which has always been a popular choice of activity with my own children and many childminded children in my childminding days. This pack that we are reviewing is described simply as a “Face Painting Kit” but with the pink packaging and photos of girls with their faces painted on the front of the pack, seems primarily targeted at girls. Indeed, my son immediately said “Yuk – girl’s face paints” when he first saw it.

With a quick bit of ‘mummy marketing’ (which I’m sure most parents are familiar with), I  quickly explained to him just how perfect the colours are for face painting pictures of Moshlings (as he is a big Moshi Monsters fan) and sure enough it worked. Both boys were mega keen to get started.

You can see the results for yourself. With relative ease, I managed to face paint a purple ‘Iggy’ and a green ‘Scrumpy’ (I liked the brush very much as it is just the right ‘texture’ and thinkness for face paints – although it looks quite wide – it can still be used with precision and is not too floppy like some brushes can be).

At 9.99, the Snazaroo face paints are fantastic value in my opinion as they are definitely of a far superior quality compared to other brands of facepaints that we have tried. I know from experience that they will last and last (the pack claims to paint up to 50 full faces and although this may seem hard to beleive as it looks like just a small amount of each colour is provided – I know from our previous experience of Snazaroo that this is likely to be a pretty accurate estimate). The face paints mix well when made wet with a little water and do not dry out. I tend to keep the little plastic discs to put back over each colour and close it with the clear plastic lid after use to help keep the face paints soft.

A generic booklet is included to give ideas for face painting and although this pack does not contain all of the colours needed to complete all of the designs in the booklet, it is useful as a guide and I’m sure most people would be able to improvise and use slight variations of colour to get similar designs.

We hope that you will enjoy face painting as much as we do with the help of Snazaroo!

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