Snazaroo Face Painting Kit Review

We had so much fun with this set, the boys have always liked face painting, whenever we are at an attraction or at a family fun day they badger and badger to have something done.  The only thing is it can get a little pricey if you do it regularly, so it makes sense to invest in a decent set of your own.
It is great to whip out at parties then, at the Jungle Junction party we recently hosted, it would not have been complete without a spot of face painting.  What I lack in skill the paints make up with being easy to apply and remove, plus young children are generally enthusiastic whatever you paint on their face!
It’s the older children which are much more selective and give you a hard time if perfection is not achieved…
Available to buy for £9.99, I highly recommend it and being non-toxic and hypoallergenic it’s reassuringly gentle on your children’s skin.   My boys have had no unwanted reactions from using this product.  I know cheaper sets are available to buy from pound shops but you cannot guarantee the ingredients used would not irate their sensitive skins.  Plus snazaroo always go one step further anyway including a useful step by step painting guide, so even the most novice of face painters can achieve a great effect!
An extensive fancy dress wardrobe really needs a face painting kit to get completely into character and follow through on some imaginative roleplay.  My husband is quite talented at doing it, as you can see the boys then had lots of enjoyment with plenty of army and pirate adventures!
Youngest shouting “walk the plank scurvy sea dog”
“Sir, yes sir reporting to duty”
Available from toys r us now.
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