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You may have seen my previous review where I talked about the Snazaroo Face Painting Kit for boys, well as part of my 3rd Toyologist box I was also sent the Snazaroo Face Painting Kit for girls.

As I previously mentioned, I’m not a huge fan of face painting on my children due to a few skin care issues however Snazaroo is probably one of the most skin-friendly face painting product available so if I was going to paint my children’s face for a special event, then this would be the brand I would turn to.

The girls Face Painting Kit is very similar to the boys but with a few colour differences. The colours are softer and include white, black, yellow, pink, green, silver, sparkly blue and sparkly lilac. As with the boys kit it comes complete with a brush, sponge and a colour face painting guide with ideas such as butterflies and princesses. As per my previous review, you could really do with a finer brush as I think some of the lines required on designs like the butterfly would be tricky to do.

The face painting palette states that it contains enough paint for up to 50 full faces – I cannot back up or dispute this claim however I would suspect that 50 is a bit on the generous side. Once the packet is opened, it can be resealed and the face paints should keep for up to 18 months.

Whilst my main concerns are about my children’s skin, Snazaroo paints have been revired by an independent professor of dermatology and professional toxicologists and are specially formulated to be friendly to delicate skin and are fragrance free, so if I was going to buy a product like this, I’d definitely opt for the Snazaroo kit.

The Snazaroo Face Painting Kit is available form Toys R Us, priced at £9.99.

Review by Mrs M from At Home With Mrs M


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