Snazaroo Face Paint Sticks Review

Hi all, Claire-Louise here from Mummy of Many Talents and A boy with Aspergers.

I’m a real creative person so when Toys R Us sent us some Snazaroo face paint I think I was even more excited than the children.

If truth be known, I’ve always been a huge Snazaroo fan and I already have Snazaroo face paints in the craft cupboard. Admittedly though I’ve never tried the Snazaroo face paint sticks and it was these we were sent to try.

Snazaroo face paint sticks come in a Pack of 6. They are Ready to use straight from the packet and easily removed with soapy water. Each stick is Non-toxic and they don’t require any water.

These come in a number of different packs of colour combinations. The pack we were sent are described as Unisex and contain the colours white, black, red, yellow, green and blue.

Snazaroo face paint sticks are labelled easy use, however, it should be noted that the sticks do tend to snap and break quite easily. I found that on first use these were hard to use as the sticks are rather dry in texture. I almost wrote them off but later discovered that once the sticks had warmed up to warm temperature the application process became easier. It’s only then that the sticks didn’t flake and break as they were applied to the skin.

I do think that these would be much better given they came with a moulded tip rather than a flat one. As I found that I could still get a more defined line with a brush rather than the sticks.

These are great for adding details to a face paint. I wouldn’t personally recommend them for full coverage of the face. The pots of Snazaroo face paint are much better for this purpose as a little goes a long way when sponged on.

Below are some face paints I created with the use of both Snazaroo paints and the sticks we were sent.


I’ve mostly used the black stick but did try a couple of the other colours when I tried to create a full face paint with the use of the sticks alone. This was back when we first received them and my 2 year old niece ‘Amy’ was given an “Hello Kitty” makeover.


Sadly this didn’t turn out as good as I had first hoped because as I’ve already explained, the sticks were rather dry and I struggled to use these alone.

I think these are great for additional detailing but I can’t see myself opting to buy the sticks in place of the more traditional Snazaroo products.

Advantages of Snazaroo Face Paint Sticks were:

They are chunky so little hands can maintain a good grip.

Good for adding additional details.

Not as messy.

Good for smaller children

Great for touch up when on the go!

No water required.

Removed easily with warm soapy water.

Good colour selection.

Disadvantages of Snazaroo Face Paint Sticks are:

Harder to achieve all over coverage.

Cannot mix to create more colours.

Dry and difficult to use on first application.

No tips or ideas booklet.

I’d recommend storing these in an air tight container as once packaging has been removed they will need to be stored in a way that doesn’t dry them out.

Little man has always refused to let myself or anyone else for that matter, paint his face. This is down to his sensory processing and how tactile defensive he is. However all this changed when we went to the wilderness festival in 2011 and he now loves having his face painted. He doesn’t keep it on very long as its the way it feels on his skin once its dried out. The fact he now enjoys having his face painted means he can join in at events and activities we attend when his siblings and others get their face painted.

My daughter did her own face paint but sadly I can’t find the picture so it must have been mistakenly deleted. 🙁

This week the Little man asked me to paint his face like his favourite TNA/WWE wrestler ‘Jeff Hardy’ who has eyes painted on his eye lids (yes, strange I know)! He loved the finished design and below he has posed for some photos.


Snazaroo Face Paint sticks will be joining the Snazaroo range at Toys R Us very soon.


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