Smasha Ballz Review

We were sent “Marzian” from the set of strange soft fluffy balls.  I am not quite sure of their purpose but they did seem a novelty to chuck around the place, making silly noises in the process and shaking excitedly.  Obviously the farting noises went down a treat, as is to be expected by two boys!  Much hilariously from that, but all said and done, there was not much else to it.
I think it will still appeal as Christmas filler, something to pad out the main presents; it is after all a bit of fun.  The boys did enjoy playing with it; we had a game of catch.  But I did worry they might hurt themselves on the giant eye, although that might just be me in mummy over panic mode!
Youngest does enjoy giving him cuddles but he has not made the elite group of soft toys allowed to share his bed.
“Marzian” has accompanied youngest on some of his adventures, he has been allowed to hang out in his den, but when we had his little friend over for a playdate, she demanded he was banished as it scared her!  Bless, she is a sensitive soul.  But youngest enjoyed being all knightly and rescuing his damsel in distress by throwing “Marzian” out of sight!
Available to buy from Toys R Us shortly (if your feeling glum and want a toy to manically giggle at you to cheer you up)
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