Are your little ones up to the challenge of saving Skylands, a magical realm filled with exciting characters and floating islands? Then it’s time to enter the unforgettable world of the Skylanders games.

What is Skylanders?

Developed by Activision Blizzard in 2011, this video game series has a twist – it makes use of Toys-to-Life technology that links toy figures to video game consoles. This means that when kids place their favourite characters onto a Portal of Power, they automatically appear in the video game too.

The Skylanders range incudes games compatible with all of the most popular consoles and tablets as well as toys, figures and even sticker books. With a huge cast of characters to choose from and a variety of exciting video games to play through, the Skylanders franchise promises endless hours of fun. Here’s a few of our favourite games and toys from the series.

Skylanders Figures

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Skylanders SuperChargers

In Skylanders 5, SuperChargers, bad guy Kaso has unleashed the Doomstation of Ultimate Doomstruction and put the whole of Skylands in danger! To save their world and defeat Kaos, a special team of SuperChargers has been assembled and an epic journey is about to commence.

Skylanders SuperChargers Starter Packs

Jump right in to the world of Skylanders 5 with these super starter packs. Available for all of the most popular consoles, including Wii U, PS4, Xbox One and many more, each starter pack has everything you need to team up with the SuperChargers and start playing. There are also packs for 3DS and tablets and all include exciting new characters, a Skylanders vehicle and a Portal of Power – as well as the game itself.

Skylanders Figures

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Skylanders Trap Team toys

Skylanders 4, Trap Team, introduced the idea of trapping wild villains, adding a fun real-world element to the story. Play as original Skylanders characters or capture their foes and recruit them so they can fight for the good guys’ team.

Skylanders Trap Team Legendary Nightmare Express Adventure Pack

This exclusive Toys R Us adventure pack includes a location piece and a Skylanders figure as well as two magic items. It’s also got trading cards and sticker sheets perfect for collecting – what better way to start saving the world?

Skylanders Trap Team Mini 2 Pack – Hijinx and Eyesmall

Get your hands on two Skylands villains in this handy mini pack. Complete with figures, trading cards and sticker sheets, this pack is perfect for fulfilling your quest to capture villains and recruit them to the good team.

Skylanders Trap Team Triple Pack – Snake, Axe, Hourglass

Trap Skylands most notorious villains with this pack, including three different types of trap, each working on a different element. With over 40 villains to capture, this great kit will get you off to a good start.

Playing with Skylanders figures

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Skylanders Trap Teams starter packs

Skylanders Trap Team Tablet Starter Pack

Packed with everything you need to start a Skylanders adventure on a tablet, this starter pack includes two characters, two traps, a Bluetooth-enabled controller, a tablet stand and a Traptanium Portal. All you’ll have to do is download the games from your tablet’s app store and it will recognise your Portal so kids can start playing right away.

Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack for consoles

Choose the starter pack to suit your favourite console – whether that’s a Wii, PS3 or Xbox 360 – and step straight into the magical world of the Skylanders.


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Skylanders SWAP Force toys

Before the Trap Team, the characters of SWAP Force were the ones who had to protect Skylands and guard a magical volcano. After an epic battle, the heroes ended up on earth – where they discovered the ability to swap powers! SWAP Force is still a big favourite with fans, so we’ve picked out our favourite toys to introduce you to their exciting world, too.

Skylanders SWAP Force Flynn’s Ship

Set sail in an airship boasting real working oars and a spinning propeller and discover the next chapter in your own Skylanders story. The ship also doubles up as a super cool storage unit, holding up to 10 Skylanders figures – making ‘tidy up time’ a treat.

Skylanders SWAP Force Island Playset

Keep favourite Skylanders figures safe between games in this fantastic storage unit that’s also a fully functioning playset. Featuring a firing cannon, a hidden trap door, and a fall-away platform as well as a Portal of Power staging area, the island playset will bring the Skylands to life.

Skylanders figures

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Skylanders toys and accessories

Check out some of the great extras and accessories that give Skylanders fans the chance to show how much they love the game even when they’re not playing it.

Skylanders 10 Piece Stationery Set

Homework has never been so fun. This bright and colourful stationery set will put a Skylanders spin on any task. Let their imagination run wild with a large notebook, jotter, pencils sharpener, eraser, ruler, file insert and pencil case.

Skylanders Giants Lunch Bag

Turn lunchtime into an adventure every day with a lunch bag featuring the Skylanders Giants. Keeping sandwiches, fruit and snacks safe during school or travel, it’s a bag any fan of the series will be proud to carry.

Skylanders Official Sticker Book

The easiest way for your little ones to collect all of their favourite characters, this sticker book features more than 1000 stickers. Spot and stick heroes like Spyro, Trigger Happy, Gill Gunt and more in an action packed sticker book perfect for car journeys or quiet afternoons.

Playing Skylanders

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