Shrink Craft Jewellery Review

We have used Shrink Craft a few times before because it was in Belle’s top three Christmas present requests last year. It really is quite an amazing kit.

Contents: *Ring Forming Tool  *Coated Beading Wire  *Shrink-Plastic Sheets  *Plastic Stretch-Cord  *Jumprings  *Black Cord  *Clasps  *Plastic Storage Containers  *Clamshell Clasps  *Ear Wire hooks  *Seed Beads  *Mini Hole Punch  *Card Bake Trays

Belle decided to make a bookmark for her friend. Although this is sold as a jewellery kit, you can use it to make other things as well. She used the template for a bracelet from the instruction book because she knew it would shrink to the size she wanted. Mini wanted to get in on the action, as usual, so decorated a moon shape using normal felt tip pens. We used the hole punch tool to create a hole so that she could thread some ribbon through it after it had shrunk.

Whilst the girls decorated, I put the oven onto 160 degrees. When they were happy with their designs, we placed them on the cardboard tray provided in the kit.

It is fascinating to watch the special plastic shrink after a couple of minutes. It curls up and then flattens out again, leaving it smaller, yet perfectly formed. Here are some snapshots of the process:

The 36 page booklet includes instructions and templates for nine projects, including bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings. All of the materials needed are provided, including two handy plastic boxes with lids to keep supplies in. My girls loved using this kit, and we have already given one as a present. It could be used individually, for a  family activity, or even for a party if you bought a couple of kits.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this as a lovely gift for any girl aged 8 and above. Coming soon to Toys R Us !

Review by Bizzy Mum aka Domestic Disgrace

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